Commercial Rice Cooker

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Ind Rice Cooker 10L

Model : HA8110R•Power : 3000W•Capacity : 10L•Cook For Up To 50 Persons•Cook & Keep Warm Func..

RM479.00 Ex Tax: RM479.00

Ind Rice Cooker 5.6L

Model : HA8506R•Power : 1950W•Capacity : 5.6L•Cook For Up To 30 Persons•Cook & Keep Warm Fun..

RM349.00 Ex Tax: RM349.00

Ind Rice Warmer 13L

Model : HA8000R•Power : 103W•Capacity : 13.0L•3D Surround Keep Warm Function•High Quality Stain..

RM559.00 Ex Tax: RM559.00

Rice Cooker 10L (Gas)

Model : HA8990GR•Gas Type : LPG•Capacity : 10L•Cook For Up To 50 Persons•Energy Efficiency – sav..

RM599.00 Ex Tax: RM599.00