Electric Oven

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Electric Oven 19L

Model : HA6180•Power : 1380W•Capacity : 19L•60 Minutes Timer•100C-250C Temperature Control•Upper..

RM189.00 Ex Tax: RM189.00

Electric Oven 23L

Model : HA6223 Rose Champagne•Power : 1600W •Voltage / Frequency : 220V-240V / 50Hz-60Hz•60 Minutes..

RM229.00 Ex Tax: RM229.00

Electric Oven 34L (Turbo Fan and Rotisserie)

Model : HA6350CR•Power : 1600W•Capacity : 34L•60 Minutes Timer•100C-250C Temperature Control•4 ..

RM369.00 Ex Tax: RM369.00

Electric Oven 48L (Turbo Fan and Rotisserie)

Model : HA6248RCL•Power : 2000W•Capacity : 42L•Auto shut off and ready bell•60 minutes timer•Tem..

RM479.00 Ex Tax: RM479.00

Oven Toaster 9L

Model : HA619T•Power : 800W•Capacity : 9L•15 Minutes Timer•4 Heating Selection•Tempered Glass D..

RM139.00 Ex Tax: RM139.00